The Dusty Book Review Series

Like most manic reader/writer book people, I own more books than I’ve actually read. Because sometimes it’s just Saturday morning and you’re in the used bookstore and maybe you’ve had two iced-coffees already and, no way, there’s that author who you think is writing the kind of books you want to write and, damn, this other author is supposed to be really avant garde and you’ve been struggling with avant-garde writers lately so you’ll pick up just this one title (it won a National Book Award anyway) and give it a shot. And another Steinbeck because you swore–swore–this would be The Summer Of Steinbeck and all you have is Travels with Charley and Tortilla Flat and that’s not going to cut it. But also, lately, you’re really feeling the need to branch out beyond prose so, sure, Tracy K. Smith, I’ll pick up Life on Mars. And then you go home and toss all the books from last Saturday onto any flat surface not already covered with by-now forgotten books and replace the old stack with the new. So it goes.

Hence: The Dusty Book Review Series. This is an attempt at reconciling all those books purchased and discarded because the ordinariness of real life is more consistent than the fleeting nature of my book-buying manias. Part mea culpa, part necessary clean-up, the Dusty Book Review Series will function as follows:

Each week or so I will post a new Review. Reviews will include, to the best of my ability, notes on when and why the book was procured. There will also be an actual review and a rating that will determine the fate of that book. Fate/rates will include:

  • Donation Bin (let someone else deal with it because it’s not worth my time)
  • Sell It Back (so someone can enjoy or disdain the book as they see fit)
  • Bottom Shelf (because it’s worth keeping for at least a few merits)
  • Middle Shelf (because there’s some great moments here but I don’t love it)
  • Trophy Shelf (because I need to be reminded of the excellence of this book at least daily)

Follow along. It’ll be fun.


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