2015 Summer Writing Group

I’m trying to establish a writing group for the summer of 2015. Specifically, I’m looking for a few people (4 or 5) who are serious about writing and would be willing to share their work-in-progress and dedicate time to critique and support other writers over approximately ten weeks this summer.
I’m looking to work with writers who are at all stages in their art: experienced writers looking to shake off some dust, eager upstarts looking for an echo in the void, jaded dabblers who need a deadline to get things done (that would be me); anyone who will benefit from not going it alone, if only for a brief time.
If you are interested in being a part of this experience, please take a look at the program overview below and consider joining me.
There is a brief About Me at the bottom of this note which further explains my motivations.
Program Basics
– First meeting will be week of June 21; last meeting will be the week before Labor Day Weekend (possibly even the weekend before).
– Will meet bi-weekly (every two weeks) for a total of 5 meetings. The nature and location of meetings (e.g., Google Hangout v. local bookstore) will be determined once a group is selected.
– Prose writing preferred but not required. Hybrid forms welcome.
– Serious writers only. Note: this means writers who are serious about doing the work, not necessarily career authors.
– Limited to 4 or 5 writers. I want to keep the reading load somewhat light to keep the focus on our generative work rather than our ancillary work as critics/supporters.
Writers should…
– have a project or work(s) in-progress. Or, if just starting in earnest, at least have enough concrete planning to achieve specific and realistic goals.
– be able to articulate specific and constructive feedback to peers, preferably across all genres.
– be open to and have a basic understanding of the goals, functions, and limitations of a workshop setting.
– be able to routinely meet deadlines.
Work Load
As Writer: You will dictate your own writing load based on your needs and availability. However, given the collective effort of this group, you should plan to spend at least an hour per day writing or editing.
As Reader: You should expect to dedicate an hour of reading/critiquing to each member of the group, for a total of about 4 – 5 hours every two weeks.
As Group Member: Meetings will be about two hours, so that each author gets 20-30 minutes of feedback. More time can be allotted based on the group’s schedule and overall vibe.
– Pedigree: I don’t care if you hold an MFA, PhD, or a GED, so long as you are serious about your writing, have at least some writing experience, and can set realistic goals for your work over 10 weeks.
– Genre: Good writing is good writing, whether it’s memoir or crime noir. Just bring your best work every time.
If Interested…
Send me an email by June 15th with the following:
– A general synopsis of your summer writing project.
– Your goals for the piece/project before the summer ends.
– Any relevant experiences, including publications, workshops attended, classes taken/taught, etc. If you’re brand new to writing or have found your way through writing beyond the world of academia, give me a snapshot of what you do know.
– A bit about who you are as a writer and a person.
I would like to have the group selected with sufficient time to prepare for the first meeting during the week of June 21, so the June 15th deadline is firm.
About me:
I began writing seriously about a decade ago. Since then, I’ve spent some time studying Fiction Writing in Goddard College’s MFA program and earned an MA in Creative Writing for Educators at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I’m coming up on my seventh year at the helm of a high school English & Creative Writing classroom. Prior to teaching I ran the now-defunct literary website truthenia.com.
I write fiction: short and very short. I’m hoping to begin a novel this summer, likely composed of vignettes. I’ve also dabbled in memoir, and I like playing in the blurry lines of memory and reforming what might have been real so that it makes a more universal point. I’ve been dazzlingly unlucky in my publication endeavors, but remain ever vigilant.
I have never done this kind of thing before, but I am hopeful this will work. With your help/expertise, we can surely figure out how to do this successfully. I am absolutely open to ideas about how to streamline this project and welcome all feedback.

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